Saturday, January 21, 2017


I just read a quote from J.J. Abrams and I will paraphrase it 

Sometimes the Journey is more important than the Destination 

The thought  took me on a journey all by itself.  Life is nothing but a journey and it one where none of us truly want to reach the ultimate destination.  Some don’t like the journey or the current location on the journey that we're on. Others are rushing around trying to reach a destination but not the one that life itself has in mind. During this contemplation it occurred to me that I may be going to turn 64 this year but when it comes to the rest of my life on this earth I am but an infant.  Like an infant I must learn new things everyday, I don’t know what is headed my way and I must have, like a child, a total fascination with life. I pray that we don’t become cynical with life but instead embrace it and the mysteries that life can hold. Join me while we explore the river that is called time and explore together what is around the next bend. 

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